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In the morning, just when the sun is about to rise, a little animal interrupts you from your dreams. After breakfast, it awaits you at the door, wishing you a good day. At dawn, as you bring from work a day’s worth of fatigue, you are greeted enthusiastically by the little animal. It happily follows you everywhere. When your loved ones embark on trips, it accompanies you through numerous long dark nights. When you are feeling down, it quietly shares your worries, and even swallows in your harsh yellings. No matter who you are and what you do, the little animal is always there for you. It shares your sadness and your happiness. It is your family!

Skin disease takes up more than 50% of dog disease; therefore the prevention of skin disease is critical.  is the second line of defense for your loved pets. German aromatherapy.


contains organic essential oils extracted from plants. Essential oils can prevent contagious disease, infections, and spasms; defend against bacteria and virus, and catalyze cell metabolism and cell regeneration. Especially for skin, essential oils can kill bacteria, fight infections, heal, destroy odors, tranquilize, repel insects, and maximally assist your pets with fighting primary and secondary skin lesion.


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